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Designing any audio/video or other media facility always begins with the end user...you. Everyone has their own needs and wants.

How many people will use your theater? Will it be a multi-use media room that can also serve as a family room or game room, or will it be a dedicated theater? In the theaters pictured here, the owners wanted mixed uses. Whether that be an excercise area, musical instrument area or game room, the acoustics and design must match the uses.

Modern digital projectors featuring anamorphic lenses are capable of displaying a true wide screen cinema experience with amazing contrast and detail. Sound on the other hand is often neglected.

George Lucas noted that “The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie.” At TDL, we know about film sound, in fact we helped create it. It starts with a well designed, calibrated listening environment – the dub stage.

Your home theater should be that accurate. With TDL leading your design team, it will be. A TDL designed theater mimics a professional theater, calibrated at 85dbC with 20db of headroom for explosive dynamic range. Every aspect is evaluated; sound transmission, air handling, EMF, noise interference, lighting, acoustic treatment and aesthetics. With powerful computer analysis, we examine, build and then verify a totally integrated listening environment, your theater.

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